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What are UMABILLS?

UMABILLS are tokenized yield dollars, powered by the UMA Protocol. A yield dollar is similar to stablecoins, with a few important differences:

  1. It expires (a perpetual is under works)
  2. As the date of expiry approaches, its price will approach $1
  3. When it expires, it will be redeemable for $1 of the collateral asset at the exact time of expiry
  4. Put together, the yield dollar represents a fixed-rate, fixed-term loan
UMABILLS are a community-powered initiative to build a better working model of UMA's Yield Dollar, that offers the best returns and rewards to you—the everyday DeFi user. Not only are you rewarded via UMA's Developer Mining Program rewards, but we also kickback a percentage of our DApp Mining Rewards, to give you the absolute best yield available.

Who are we?

The UMABILLS DApp is developed by community members of the UMA Discord, to maximize reward distribution among active community members. Simply using the UMABILLS DApp entitles you to a premium over all other Yield Dollar interfaces.

Who is the running avatar?

The UMABILLS DApp is stylized around Kill Bill: Volume 1: a movie that depicts an assassin, played by actress Uma Thurman. Simply put, UMABILLS get their name from Kill Bill. Afterall, wherever there's a billion, the UMA ecosystem is bound to be there.

The background music is The Lonely Shepherd from the official Kill Bill soundtrack, by Gheorghe Zamfir.